Monday, February 4, 2013

Debbie's Quilts

Here are a couple of quilts I machine quilted for Debbie.  This first one I quilted a pantograph called "Lovely" on it. 

 And this one I quilted "Baptist Fan".  The piecing on both of these quilts was spectacular. On this star quilt, there were no points cut off and it laid perfectly flat.  No bumps quilting it at all.  Debbie is an amazing piecer. 

Thanks for letting me quilt these for you Debbie.  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and had some time to quilt!



  1. How do you quilt your baptist fan? Template? Panto?

    Quilting on both is great.

  2. I love both these quilts and patterns! I just bought a baptist fan to try out. Do you know the name of the quilt pattern she used to piece that star quilt? Amazing!

    thanks for sharing!