Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ann and Theresa's Quilt

Ann and Theresa are sisters and they made this adorable quilt for a friend.  I custom quilted feather swirls all over it.  Love how it turned out.

Thanks for letting me quilt this for you Ann and Theresa.

Happy Quilting!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Peggy's Quilts

Here a few quilts I've been working on for Peggy.  This first one is the cutest table runner made with some Tula Pink "Flutterby".  So cute.  I custom quilted it for her.

 This cute little quilt was made by Peggy's daughter.  Turned out really cute.  I quilted "Diamonds are Forever" on this one.
 And this last one was just gorgeous.  I quilted a very simple pantograph called "Seaweed" on it.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you all have had a fabulous weekend.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Quilt Market - 2013

Finally here are a few of my quilt market photos....I still have some more on my camera but I'm having technical issues.  I will work more on that this weekend.  First up was School House with Tula Pink.  I was lucky enough to get my photo with her and then Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts was so kind to take her picture with us too!  I was one happy girl!  Look at the beautiful quilt on the table.  That quilt was pieced by Tula Pink and will be a kit available like her hexie kit from last market.  Amazing in her new fabric line "Acacia" I must have this fabric!

 This is a picutre of Tula's booth.  So beautiful and check out that Butterfly quilt!  The quilting for all of these quilts were done by the amazing Angela Walters!  The detail was incredible!

 And I got to meet Vanessa Christenson of V & Co.  She had her new line of fabric on display with some very beautiful quilts she had made.  Her new fabric is called "Simply Style".  It's a winner!
 Here is Julie Herman's - Jaybird Quilts - "Northern Lights" that I quilted for her on display in the Free Spirit booth.
 The Fig Tree booth.  Very pretty!
 Jaybird pattern Snack Time on display!  So cute!
 And of course I needed a picture with Angela Walters and Julie Herman in Angela's booth.  That quilt behind her was freaking awesome!!!!  I have more pictures on my camera that I will be sharing soon.  Can you tell that I was in heaven?  Love these girls.

 Love these girls too!  The Stash girls.  I had the pleasure of attending quilt market with this bunch.  They are all too much fun!  Thanks for such a great time Ann, Kathy, Kristen, Holly, Jessica, Bernedette, and Vikki.

Check out this cute little dress...it's April Rhodes new pattern the Staple Dress.  It seems pretty easy to make so I've challenged myself to give it a try.  I don't make clothing because I suck at it.  But this dress has me intrigued and I'm going to give it a shot. 

And the fabulous Jenny Pedigo of Sew Kind Of Wonderful's Quilts.  She is just the sweetest person and so talented at pattern writing and longarm quilting along with her sister Helen .

 This is Emily Cier's booth from Carolina Patchwork.  She had some awesome quilts in her booth all quilted by Angela Walters.  There was some serious eye candy going on here!

This was Pat Sloan's booth with her new patterns and fabric "Bobbins and Bits"

 And this is the quilt I quilted for Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts on display in the Moda booth.  I'm still feeling pretty lucky at being able to quilt for Julie.  What a huge treat!
 And this final picture is my haul that I made from Sample Spree.  Do you think I got enough fabric?  I just like to look at it all spread out here on my cutting table.  So pretty!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope everyone is having a great week!

Happy Quilting.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts

Yes!  You read that right....I had the pleasure to quilt for Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts!  I had the most fun with these quilts and I even got to preview Tula Pink's new line of fabric Acacia that is due out in September.  Let me tell you...you need this fabric...I would suggest saving your money now so you can buy the entire line!  Amazing!!!!  If you've read my blog for any amount of time you know I love Jaybird patterns.  I love everything she does and her Hex n' More ruler is genius!  I use mine all the time.  I have met her before but I had the pleasure to see her at Quilt Market and even had my picture with her.  I will share those in my blog post on Market coming soon.  She is just the sweetest person and is so encouraging.  She was encouraging me to take my quilting further and I really appreciate that.  She told me she used to work a full time job too before she made it as a pattern designer/book author.  I love what I do and hope I can continue to grow!  She gave me two of her newest patterns...Snack time and Tiny Dancer.   Can't wait to make both of them.  Thank you Julie!

Okay, now on to her quilts!  This first one is "Science Fair".  She used a Free Spirt solid for the pink background.  It was so soft.  I quilted swirls in those areas.  Here are the pictures.

This is Julie's pattern called "Northern Lights"  Isn't it pretty in the prints?  I made one out of solids and still need to quilt it but I'm really loving it with these Tula Pink "Acacia" prints.  I quilted each row differently similiar to how Angela Walter's quilted Julie's first "Northern Lights" quilt. 

 The back of this one was amazing!  And that is her label in the center...Love how she sews it right into the back.  You will always know whose quilt this is! 

 Okay...and the last one up is "Snack Time" another one of Julie's new patterns.  She used Simply Color by V & Co.  This is Vanessa's new fabric line called "Simply Style".  I quilted pebbles in all the white areas and feather petals in the rings.  I love how the pebbles made the rings pop.

The back of this quilt was so pretty.  Don't you love that strip she used on the back with her label?  Too cute!  Thank you, Julie for letting me quilt these for you.  It was a huge honor for me and I was so proud to see them at Quilt Market in Portland! 

Happy Quilting!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Heather's Quilt

Heather made this adorable Swoon quilt.  She made it for relatives who live in England for a gift. Turned out so pretty.  I quilted "Baptist Fan" all over it.

Thanks for letting me quilt this for  your Heather!  Happy Quilting!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Laura's Quilt

Here is an awesome quilt that my cousin Laura made.  Turned out so cool.  She has a way with choosing some beautiful colors.  These were scraps from her stash.  I quilted swirls in the blue areas and it looked like suede.

So pretty!  Hope you all had a nice weekend.  I had a great one.  I was able to attend International Quilt Market in Portland.  I have a lot of pictures to share later in the week when I get them all organized.

Happy Quilting!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cyndy's Quilt

Cyndy made this adorable redwork quilt with computer images all over it for her daughter.  It looks like she's been working on it for quite awhile (2001).  She asked me to finish it up for her as her daughter is having a birthday soon! Her daughter is also battling cancer right now.  I hope she gets better soon Cyndy.

I quilted swirls all over it because I didn't want to distract from her redwork.  I think it turned out quite beautiful.  Have a great day!