Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ellen's Quilt

This is Ellen's beautiful star quilt.  I custom quilted it for her. 

Happy Quilting!


Friday, June 26, 2015

Ellen's Quilt

This awesome Metro Medallion quilt was made by Ellen.  It's a pattern by Sew Kind of Wonderful.  I love how she made it with only two colors.  Red and white quilts are always so stunning.  I custom quilted it for her.

Very pleased with how this quilt came out!  Thanks for letting me quilt for you Ellen!

Happy Quilting!


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Betty's Quilt

Betty helped her 14 year old niece piece this beauty up.  They did a fabulous job.  It was pieced perfectly!  I quilted an all over pantograph called "Toss Up" on this one.  It has a fun girly feel to it.

Happy Quilting!


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Deb's Quilt

This gorgeous Lotus Quilt was made by Deb.  It's a pattern by Julie Herman of "Jaybird Quilts"  I custom quilted it for her. 

Thanks for letting me quilt for you Deb!  Now I need to make one of these quilts.

Happy Quilting!


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lisa's Quilt

 Lisa made this gorgeous Quilts of Valor quilt for her father-in-law.  I custom quilted it for her.  It was pieced so beautifully and was joy to work on.  This one took me out of my comfort zone which is modern quilting and back to a more traditional style quilting.  I'm very happy with how it turned out.  Lots of feathers which are very fun to quilt!

Happy Quilting!


Monday, June 22, 2015

Dawn's Quilts

I had the pleasure of working on a couple of Dawn's quilts.  This first one I custom quilted both of them.  This one turned out so cool.  I did a fun border..only wish it would have shown up a little better.

And this awesome applique quilt.  Dawn tells me she's new to applique.  This was all needle turned applique and it was perfect.  There is no way I could do applique like this.  Amazing work Dawn!  I didn't even want to stitch on the applique pieces because they were so perfect hand stitched down.

Thanks for letting me quilt for you Dawn!

Happy Quilting everyone!


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Venus' Quilt

Venus made this adorable Love Quilt made out of Tula Pink Elizabeth fabric.  She backed it with Minky and I quilted Splat on it.  Turned out so soft and cute.

Thank you for letting me quilt for you!

Happy Quilting.


Friday, June 12, 2015

Eva's Quilts

Eva made these two quilts up. This first one features some fabric by Tula Pink called Elizabeth.  I quilted an all over pantograph called Marmalade.  

And this second one I quilted Antique Lace.

Turned out so cute!  Happy Quilting.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Molly's Quilts

These quilts were made by Molly.  I quilted a new pantograph on this first one called "Onion Skin".  Really a fun pattern.  

 And this one I quilted a big size of Turbulence.

Thanks for letting me quilt for you Molly!

Happy Quilting!


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bloom - One of My Own

Here is another one of my quilts....It's called Bloom.  It's a pattern by Heather Jones.  Fabric is Tula Pink Elizabeth.  I custom quilted this one.

 Tried a fun new border.  Pretty happy with how that turned out.

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Quilting.


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Peaks and Valley's

And here is another one of my quilts I was able to finish on my recent Staycation!  The pattern is by Tula Pink and the fabric is also by Tula called Moonshine.  This beauty will be going on our bed.  Just have to do some binding.  Really happy with how this one came out. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Quilting!


Friday, June 5, 2015

One of My Own - Radiance

I recently took a few days off of work also known as Staycation!  I was able to get a few of my own quilts quilted.  This pattern is by Heather Jones and it's called "Radiance".  I used Tula Pink's new line Elizabeth.  Love how this turned out.  Of course, I had to custom quilt it.

Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Leslie M's Quilt

I had the pleasure of quilting this beauty up for Leslie M. This butterfly quilt is a pattern and fabric by Tula Pink.  Fabric is called "Elizabeth".  The colors were so bright and rich.  I had so much fun custom quilting this one.  Leslie left the top and bottom borders off of her quilt and added a little more of the white fabric.  Worked out great for more feathers all around the butterfly.

Thank you for letting me quilt for you Leslie!

Happy Quilting!