Monday, April 30, 2012


Here is quilt number 4 for Kristen from Stash.  Isn't it beautiful?  She made it from Tula Pink's fabric line "Prince Charming".  When she asked me to custom quilt it I had some ideas but I looked for a little inspiration at one of my favorite blogs quiltingismytherapy by Angela Walters.  I then added a little bit of pebbles and a couple of other patterns I like to do and this is what I came up with.  I used two pieces of Warm and Natural batting and I just love how it turned out.  Look at these blocks...they are so cute.

 Look at this cute little pin cushion that I received in the mail on Saturday.  It is from my cousin Laura.  She handmade this especially for me and it is so adorable.  It fits perfectly on my sewing table.  Thank you so much Laura!  I love it!

I sure had a lot of fun quilting this quilt.  I'm in the process of making my own Swoon quilt too.  I have 6 blocks made and I plan to make 12...I tell you it is addictive and I'm already planning another one.  This is just an amazing quilt pattern that you can get over at Thimble Blossoms by Camille Roskelley.  I love her patterns and her fabrics.  Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Teresa you've really mastered this modern quilting. It looks fantastic on the Swoon quilt. I do believe your now on a par with your muse, Angela. Your well and truly flying.!

  2. Hi Teresa, when I found out that I get to nominate five people for the Liebster Blog Award, I immediately thought of you! I love your quilting and enjoy reading your blog..... So I would like to award you the Liebster Blog Award. The Liebster Blog award is presented to blogs that the presenter feels are worthy. It is given to "small blogs" - those with fewer than 200 followers. Check out my blog for more details. Congratulations! :)

  3. That is fantastic quilting Teresa.I love the swoon blocks but have only managed one so far. Like you I find alot of inspiration on Angela's blog andam looking forward to her book.

  4. beautiful quilting! Just perfect on those gorgeous swoon blocks

  5. I love what you did!! Fantastic quilting!!!!!