Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rhonda's Quilts

Look at this beauty!  Isn't it fun?  Rhonda made this quilt and I quilted "Frisky Feathers" all over it.  This is another version of the 2 + 2 quilt.  I've quilted a few others like this and they all look different.  I love all the bright, happy colors she used.

 Here is another quilt she made.  I quilted "Interlocking Squares" on this one.  It is reversible.

Turned out nice.  Thanks for taking a look.



  1. Teresa, beautiful quilting! I have never heard of the 2+2 quilt. Can you tell me where to find the pattern?

  2. Lovely quilts Teresa, both very different, but equally nice. Your so productive!!