Saturday, October 15, 2011

Quilting Again for Kristen!

I thought I would take this quilt outside to photograph.  I should be out back pulling all the weeds that are on our hill but I'd rather show you some quilts.  Kristen at Stash has been so busy.  I still have four more quilts to share with you that she has made.  I'm going to post a really amazing one tomorrow or Monday.  Stay tuned....

 It's really hard to see the pattern I quilted but it is called "Arabesque". I really like how it turned out and am anxious to try this pattern on another quilt sometime.
 Here is a quilt made from fabrics called "Make Life" by Moda.  Kristen printed some family names and important messages to her family on the blocks.  I quilted "Hearts and Flowers" all over it. 

 Isn't the back cute?  I had a lot of fun quilting this one. 
Thanks for looking and have a great weekend.  The weather is beautiful here.


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  1. That does look like an interesting pattern. I'll wait to see when you do it again to get a better look at it. Your panto quilting looks really good...very smooth!