Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Always Kiss Me Good Night!

This is a quilt made by is her version of the Tula Pink alaphabet pattern.  It reads "Always Kiss Me Good Night!"  She wanted swirls in the back grouund and lines on the letters like the quilt that Tula Pink made.  She sent me some pictures and I did my best.  Angela the quilter for Tula Pink is an awesome machine quilter so I was a little nervous trying to get this to look like one of her quilts.  I think it turned out really cool!

Thanks for looking.  It has turned cold here today.  I'm so glad I have lots of quilts to snuggle under.



  1. The swirls on the background look great. Did you use a darker thread, as they stand out really well?

  2. You did a really awesome job with the swirls!!! Looks fabulous with all the texture!!