Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rhonda's Love Quilt

Here is another wonderful quilt made by Rhonda.  She used the Tula Pink Love Pattern to put this awesome quilt together.  I quilted a lot of pebbles and swirls and I just love how it turned out.  I used one layer of Quilter's Dream Poly batting and So Fine thread.  Turned out amazing.

Beautiful!!!! Nice job Rhonda.  So you know what I was doing last night after I finished the photo shoot for this quilt?  Digging through my Tula Pink fabric scraps and almost have my own Love quilt all made.  It really goes together so nicely. I'm going to sign up for Sew Sweetness Tula Pink Sew Along.  You basically make a Tula Pink quilt with Tula Pink fabric from 9/24/12 to 10/26/12.  You should check out Sara's blog over at Sew Sweetness.  She is featuring Tula quilts and she also does some amazing stuff over there.  She makes fabulous dresses out of Tula fabric and tons of cute purses. I enjoy reading her blog so much.  Check it out!

Thanks for taking a look.  Thank you Rhonda for letting me quilt your amazing quilt.



  1. I love the colors she chose and the quilting just makes it pop! You did an amazing job! It's soooo lovely:). Venus

  2. Oh my goodness!! All that pebble stuff must have taken forever to do!



  3. I've always enjoyed viewing this quilt, it looks so different with the different fabrics. I'm sure your a Angela Waters doppleganger. You've mastered her techniques so well Teresa. Thanks for posting pics, I'll wander over to check out Sara's blog.

  4. Really nice quilting! You are doing much better than I was after having been quilting for only a year. I didn't do pebbles until just a couple of years ago and I've been quilting 9 years.