Monday, September 17, 2012

Eva's Quilts & A Quilt Festival

Here are some quilts I machine quilted for Eva.  She is a busy girl!  A couple of cute apple quilts and a fall quilt panel.  Too Cute!

This is another quilt she is making for someone for Christmas.  I quilted Paisley Playtime all over it.  Love how it turned out.

 Now to the Quilt Festival....I travelled to Walla Walla, Washington this past weekend to their annual Quilt Festival.  I really wanted to see my customer's quilts all displayed. My sweet customer, Mary (pictured) came up to me and said I had to take a look at her quilt because it won an award.  I was so proud of her.  Look how lovely this quilt is.  It's a 2 Plus 2 quilt and she did a fabulous job putting it together and I had the pleasure of quilting it for her.

Here is one of my all time favorites....Kristen's Swoon quilt.  Isn't it beautiful hanging here?  I love it!

 Here is Donna's quilt on display.  Turned out so beautiful.  She is giving it away for Christmas.
 And of course Ms. Rhonda's quilt is here....I sure do love how these "Funky Fans" look on her quilt.

And I finally got to meet Cathy S. for the first time after quilting for about four or five times already.  So nice to meet her.  This quilt turned out gorgeous.
Well, thank you so much for stopping by.  Sorry its been so long since I posted but I've been pretty busy.  In between working, quilting and being the shuttle for my son back and forth to driver's ed!  Busy days!

Hope you're having a good week!  Make sure and do a little quilting.



  1. Wow Teresa, I'm not really sure which quilt I like the most. They all look fantastic when displayed like this, you must have been thrilled to bits to see all of them on display....... I love those Funky Fans, is this a panto, or have you quilted them free hand?

  2. All I would like to know is: Do you EVER sit down and have a cup of tea??(or coffee for that matter....

  3. Was so nice to see you at the quilt festival and see all the quilts you had quilted on display. Very proud of Mary's quilt for her ribbon, great job! Venus

  4. How fun! Seeing the quilts you quilted hung up in a show! They all look so great!