Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Laura's Quilt

This is my cousin Laura's quilt.  She was a pattern tester for Karie Jewell at Two Kwik Quilters.  This pattern is now available from Karie.  Laura did a fabulous job putting this together and now it is on my bucket list to make some day.  I already have my pattern!  I love all of the negative space.  I just had some fun quilting swirls, pebbles and feathers. I love how this turned out!

Thanks Laura for letting me quilt this for you.  She lets me practice on all of her quilts.  How awesome is that?  Keep making those quilts Laura! 

Happy Quilting!



  1. You sure have those swirls down pat! Awesome job.

  2. I love the pebbles and swirls together. I just got done watching that on Angela's first craftsy class!

  3. It's so gorgeous! Nice, nice job, Teresa!!

  4. So pretty and feminine! Simply beautiful.