Friday, October 16, 2015

Colourwerx Quilt - Linda and Carl's quilt

Sorry to be gone for so long...I've been busy quilting some quilts for Quilt Market and a couple others that are secret for now.  I will share them as soon as I can.  Here is a quilt I can share.

I had the pleasure to quilt this beautiful quilt for Colourwerx.  They own a quilt shop called Linderellas.  I custom quilted this for them.  It's a new pattern that will be available soon.  It is premiering at Quilt Market next week.  It's called Skyline.

Such a fun quilt.  Thank you for letting me quilt for you Linda and Carl.

Happy Quilting!



  1. I understand skyline, but when I first saw this I saw perfume bottles....funny how our minds work - nice quilt and quilting!

  2. that is a very cool looking quilt!! and as always your quilting is spectacular!!

  3. Love how you quilted these, simply gorgeous