Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mary S. Quilt

Mary S. made this awesome Modern Building Blocks quilt by Moda Fabrics.  I had the pleasure to custom quilt this one.  It was tons of fun to work on.  Each block almost seemed like a little mini quilt.  Here are some fun pictures.

Thanks for letting me quilt this beauty up for you Mary!

Happy Quilting!



  1. Gorgeous! I bet you had so much fun quilting this quilt.

  2. oooo Gorgeous! Ok, I'm sending you mine. I know I have a quilt on your waiting list and I wasn't exactly sure which one I wanted to send. You made my mind up!! The top is sitting here waiting for some love!!

  3. So gorgeous! I have "many" samplers in different stages of completion. Seeing this makes me want to get them done and on your waiting list!

  4. Oh wow that is just gorgeous. Nicely done.

  5. Masterpiece! The quilting looks just awesome! I really want to go to my longarm and do some customquiling looking at the gorgeous photos! Thanks for the inspiration!