Monday, October 6, 2014

Mary's Quilt

My dear friend Mary made another one of her masterpieces....she made this quilt up from a lot of different designs.  And it that wasn't enough she added some of her awesome hand embroidery and embellishments.  Amazing!  I custom quilted it for her.  Here are some pics!

So much detail went into this quilt.  Another work of art Mary!  Thanks for letting me quilt for you!

Happy Quilting!



  1. I love all the little details Mary puts in her quilts and your quilting just puts that finishing pizzaz! Love this! Perfection:)

  2. I too love all the details in this one but most of all the photos of your detailed quilting. It is great to see it all up close.

  3. Probably one of the prettiest quilts I've ever seen!

  4. Wow Mary's quilt is beautiful! I love the colours and your quilting sets everything of nicely.