Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Staycation!

Hi Everyone....I recently took a week off my real job and got to just stay home and quilt some of my own quilts.  In the next few posts you will see quite a few of my quilts finally getting finished.  I even managed to sew all the bindings on each quilt and just have to hand stitch them to the back. That's going to be awhile but at least they are getting closer to being done. 

This first one up is a Jaybird pattern called "Giggles" made with her Side Kick Ruler.  I made a few more blocks to make it a little larger and then I custom quilted it. Love how this one turned out.

I hope you enjoy my journey in the next few days....I'm so looking forward to sharing all my quilts with you!

Happy Quilting!



  1. Beautiful fabrics and beautiful quilting, Teresa.

  2. Beautiful quilting, Teresa. I just put the last stitch in the binding of my Giggles quilt a few seconds ago! I will give it to a sweet little girl tomorrow. Your quilting is far more complicated than mine---just straight lines following the chevrons. I love the design and will make another.

  3. They turned out beautiful! I am so glad that you are having fun quilting your own quilts too!

  4. Pretty, pretty! I can't wait to see what's next.

  5. On my to do list. I really love this. Gorgeous! What a fun thing to do!