Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Laura's Quilt

Laura made this gorgeous Tula 100 block quilt.  I custom quilted this one.  I had fun with a lot of swirls and waves.  And all the blocks were done differently.  Here are a few pics.

It's a keeper!  Oh....I mean I sent it back home to her.  Wish I could have kept it.  Laura is a new Instagram friend too.  If you haven't looked at Instagram I suggest you try it. I post on there all the time as do a lot of other quilters. So fun to see what everyone is up to.  If you take a peek my Instagram name is Quiltingismybliss.

Thanks for letting me quilt for your Laura!

Happy Quilting!



  1. This is just gorgeous. I'm sure it was hard to send home:)

  2. Yup, a tough one to give back. Eventually I'll get myself on Instagram but not yet.