Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New Toy has Arrived!

Hi Everyone!  I've missed you!  Sorry it's been so long since I blogged but I have some exciting news....I got a new longarm.  It's an Innova Autopilot.  I can now do my pantographs digitally.  Hopefully it will speed things up a bit.  I will still do all my custom work freehand.  That is what I really love to do but sometimes a quilt really just needs a pantograph and of course it makes it much more affordable.

I've been spending all my free minutes learning this new little baby and I think I'm getting it down pretty well.  I've already quilted three of my quilts for practice and started to do some custom work.  I love it!   

 Here's a cute little quilt I made out of "Bluebird Park".  I quilted "Honeycomb" on it.  You  might remember that I quilted one of these a while back for my cousin, Laura.  I loved how it came out so I quilted it just the same.

 This is another quilt that's been sitting in a pile for so long.  Getting to finish it up and gift it this year for Christmas.  It got a simple baptist fan.

 And this little quilt was made by one of my sweet friends, Kristen.  She made this for a gift so I can't show you the whole thing just quite yet.  This is a new pantograph called "Orange Peel".  It's my new favorite!
 And this little wild quilt was made with a layer cake I had laying around.  I put it together and quilted another new pantograph "Bubbles" on it.  This new pattern is also amazing.  So many new opportunities here in my quilt world.

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Quilting!



  1. Whoop whoop. Looks like some good bonding is taking place..

    Happiness filled?


  2. oh fun! nothing like learning new patterns! Congrats on the new machine!!

  3. Congrats on your newest addition!!! I love the orange peel pantograph, you make it look effortless :o)

  4. You will love the Innova! I got mine last spring after owning 2 other systems. I won't change again! Congrats!

  5. Wow! You Lucky Girl!!! have fun... doesn't look like there will be much of a learning curve as your quilting looks great!

    1. Thanks, Susan. Do you know you're a no reply blogger? I would love to thank you when you comment but I can't. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Oh I'm so jealous!! This is the machine I've wanted for over a year. Hopefully, my dream will come true by summer! I'll be making sure of my decision by spending time on one at Road2CA. Can't wait!

  7. Awesome. Maybe some day that will be me! Right now I will stick to what I am currently using:) Congrats though! It looks as though things are coming along beautifully!

  8. Congrats to your new machine. I hope she will support you at all your quilting adventures. Some weeks ago I tried out an Innova Machine at a fair. It had no vibration on the fabric while quilting and you could see exactly what you were quilting. Nice machine!

  9. Congratulations on your Innova, and with Auto Pilot! So many possibilities for you and your customers. Enjoy!!!

  10. Beautiful toy and beautiful quilting! Is the backing on that bubble quilt minky?

  11. Congrats on the new machine. Though I like what I have, when I'm ready to get a bigger one, it will be my pick.