Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Vikki's Quilts

Vikki made these two beautiful quilts.  This first one is for her husband for Christmas.  She did some machine embroidery on it and it turned out so cool.  I quilted "Ground Cover" all over it.  She chose a fleece backing for this one and it will be so warm...plus it gave the back a really neat look.  Here are some pictures.

 This gorgeous black and white star quilt got an all over "Baptist Fan" on it.  It's really stunning in real life and these pictures just don't do it justice.  So many cute fabrics went into this quilt.

Thanks for letting me quilt these beautiful quilts for you Vikki!  Have a great day.

Happy Quilting!



  1. Both quilts are so beautiful.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the quilting and such beautiful quilts!

  3. That is gorgeous! So did you just have a plain fleece fabric on the back? How did that quilt up?

  4. Just wonderful...I especially love the red, white and gray combo.