Monday, July 1, 2013

Liz's Quilt

Liz made this beautiful quilt for her son and daughter-in-law for a gift.  I custom quilted a lot of feathers on it. 

I really love how it turned out.  So pretty. 

Well, not much quilting has been happening over here lately.  My dear cousin, Laura has been visiting from Texas and I've been spending my evenings sewing, chatting, and laughing a lot.  We also had the chance to visit my favorite quilt shop, Stash!  And this was Laura's first visit to Stash and she was blown away too!  We plan on more trips to Stash in the future. The girls at Stash are just so welcoming to new quilt friends!   Laura and I have so much fun together and we always hate to say goodbye to each other when the time comes for her to go back home.  Thank you, Laura for such a fun time!  Come back soon!

Now it's back to business. 

Happy Quilting!



  1. gorgeous quilt and quilting!

  2. I love that tri-tone quilt so much - the colours are so peaceful and tranquil. Maybe there is one in my future.