Monday, June 3, 2013

Eva's Quilts

Eva has been busy again!  I custom quilted feather swirls all over this one.

 This picture does not do this quilt justice!  The fabric was gorgeous and had the best feel to it.  So soft.  I quilted "Filigree" all over it.

 This cute little flag quilt is upside down!  Sorry.  I quilted "Bayside" on it.

 And a little Quick Curve Ruler table runner. 

Eva has a few more I need to quilt for her still!  She just keeps quilting away!  Busy little quilter.  Thanks so much for letting me quilt these for you Eva. 

Happy Quilting.



  1. Golly you do keep busy!!!

    I have a steady stream of quilts but you must have quite a stack!


  2. Beautiful quilting! Love the pattern choice.

  3. I love that purple and green together...I am making one in similar colours for my sister. I am hand quilting it.