Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hexagon Quilt

Here is a quilt I made for myself and have only given you a sneak peek of it!  I made it using my Hex n' More ruler by Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts.  I used Tula Pink's awesome fabric line Salt Water....and of course I had to custom quilt it.  This quilt was so easy and fun to put together. 

The back was beautiful too.  It features Tula's "Sea Ponies" print.  Wish you could see it better.  Little seahorses in the background of her fabric.  That is the great thing about Tula Pink's fabrics.  If you really look there are always little things hidden in her fabrics.  Love that about her!  Looking forward to her next line coming out "Acacia".  Have to wait until September though to get some.

Thanks for taking a look and Happy Quilting!



  1. Teresa, love this! How hard is the pattern? Love, love, love your quilting.

    How exciting that you get to quilt for Julie! Woohoo!

  2. Love your quilting choice. You certainly receive a lot of tops with Tula fabrics.

  3. beautiful! Enjoy your time at Quilt Market! Wish i was going, but with my move to Zigzag these past couple months and the back log of quilts yet to quilt and everything else on my plate...i can't afford the time right now. :/ I have a couple other friends attending. Kind of jealous now that the time is here...oh well. Have a wonderful time!!! I know you will!!

  4. I love all of your quilting but this one is fantastic! Have a great time at quilt market. My box of quilts should be there today but no rush!!! Have a happy day, Teresa.

  5. Love this quilt Teresa, ........ is it easy to make?

  6. Sew pretty, love the quilting, just love everything about it:)