Monday, July 30, 2012

Tula Pink!

I had the most wonderful weekend!  I got to meet and attend a workshop/lecture featuring the great Tula Pink.  I was in awe of her and still can't believe I got to meet her.  Kristen, Kathy and Ann over at my favorite quilt shop, Stash, were able to get Tula to come to Walla Walla.  She is a kick to hang out with. So sweet and she is so fun to talk with. Tula has a wonderful smile and I absolutely love her passion for quilting.  It shows in her work for sure!  The Stash Girls really put on an awesome event. They had cake and snacks and of course, Wine!  So much fun.

Look at how cute Tula is!  So friendly and nice!

Here she is teaching our class on her Stacks quilt out of her book.  If you don't own her book I strongly suggest you get it.  This is my second quilt I've made out of her book and they are very easy to understand and make.

 Her Cartwheel quilt made with "The Birds and the Bees".  Tula makes all of her own quilts and I must say they are just perfect!  Couldn't stop looking at them and taking pictures.  The wonderul Angela Walters does all of her custom machine quilting.  I thought it was so gorgeous in pictures but when you actually see a quilt she has done in person, it is breathtaking.

 Snow Globes quilt made with her fabric "Night Shade"
 The back!
 Modern Alphabet quilt!
 Beanstalk Quilt
 The back of her Beanstalk Quilt!
 This is Tula's newest pattern "Space Dust"  It is a paper piecing pattern.  It's on my bucket list to do sometime soon!  Absolutley amazing!!!!!
 The fabulous quilting!
Just a wonderful weekend.  I can't thank Tula enough or Kristen, Kathy and Ann from Stash!  What a wonderful event that you all put on.  I couldn't stop smiling I had so much fun!  I will be back tomorrow to show you some neat pictures of my favorite quilt shop!

Have a wonderful day and happy quilting!



  1. Oh my gosh!!!! Lucky you!...can't wait to see your photos of 'Stash'!!

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  3. Hey lucky you Teresa and lucky me coz I'm booked to have a class with Tula here in the UK in August....WooHoo!

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  4. You are just too fast! What a great weekend and so awesome to meet you in person. Love the photos and I can't wait to see the quilting on all the different projects you get from this class!

  5. What an awesome weekend!!! The quilts/quilting WERE stunning!!!!