Sunday, March 4, 2012

Claudia's Quilt

Here is a quilt that Claudia made with her Grandson...Alex. He pieced the blocks together and then she finsihed piecing the blue part all around the boxes.  He did a great job.  He even designed his own label that I attached to the back of the quilt for them.  I quilted interlocking squares on it. 

 I love how the back looks.  This is going  to be a very cozy quilt!

Here is my quilt from Jenny's quilt a long with her new Curved Ruler.  I like how it turned out using all the same blocks.  I actually copied one of Jenny's blocks because I  love her style so much!  She really knows how to put colors together. 

This quilt was a ton of fun to put together. We are having a beautiful Spring day her today.  I think it's abut 55 degrees.  Yahoo!  I love the warmer weather especially since we had snow on Tuesday this past week.  Luckily it has all melted.  Happy quilting!



  1. Teresa your Curved Nine Patch turned out great!! I love how the rings stand out so nicely.

  2. Once again!! LOVE THAT! I feel like I'm stalking you! Oh I am stalking you! I really like the quilt pattern, where did you get that?

  3. Your Nine Patch quilt is AWESOME!!! I love how it turned out!!