Thursday, December 15, 2011

Meet Bella

Meet the new additon to our family.....her name is Bella and she is a Morkie (Yorkie/Maltese).  She weighs 1 lb 9 ounces and is so much fun.  She hops around the house like a bunnny and we have to be so careful not to step on her because she is so tiny.  Bella is helping us mend our broken hearts after losing our Shih Tzu, Chloe on December 4.  She was 13 years old and such a great dog.  My son didn't want a new dog yet because he was very loyal to Chloe....he finally gave in to go and look at dogs but when we talked about getting her he said she couldn't play with any of Chloe's stuff.  So last Sunday, my husband and I had to go out and get all the necessary puppy supplies.  New crate, toys, puppy food, potty pads. 

Here she is being ferocious and biting her brother's finger.

 As you can see, Kyler has decided that Bella is okay.  We let him name her and they are becoming good friends.

Well, on to some quilts.....her is another quilt by Kristen.  I quilted Frisky Feathers on it.  She doesn't like traditional feathers on her quilts but she mentioned she liked this pattern so I tried it out.  I hope you like it, Kristen.  I think it turned out beautiful on this quilt.

Are you ready for Christmas yet?  Well, I'm not....I best get busy.

Thanks for looking.


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  1. She looks so sweet! We finally got a new dog in June, after being dogless for a year and a half (our older dog passed away, and my brother got his dog when he finally got stationed in the US), she reminds me of Mr. Hiro, or chiweenie. He was 2 lbs when we got him. They do have such energy, don't they? Have fun!