Thursday, April 21, 2011

Enough Already With The Pebbles is one more quilt that I made practicing some more pebbles and feathers.  I think I'm getting a little better at them but they sure do take a long time to do.  This little wall quilt was made from a pattern in the Quilts and More Magazine - April 2011.  It's called "Little Sprouts".  It is suppossed to be a baby quilt but I think it will look great on a wall. 

Okay....I promise something really different on the next post.  Thank you so much for looking.  You truly inspire me to keep going.


  1. Teresa,

    a saw this pattern on the magazine. It is a very beatiful pattern, but your quilting is AWESOME!!!
    Congratulations!!! I loved it!!!
    BIG kisses,

  2. LOVE it! So bright and cheerful! Just beautiful!

  3. Nice! Did your shoulders hurt? My shoulders always hurt after some pebbling!

  4. Your pebbles look great! I like the size you did. I always make mine too small and so they are not 'puffy' enough.