Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Swooning Again (My Own)

This is another quilt I managed to get quilted during my vacation time.   I love all the blocks to this Swoon quilt and I just wanted to keep it simple similiar to how Camille quilted her original Swoon Quilt. 

Love how it looks on our guest bed.  I guess I better get decorating the rest of the room.  There is nothing on the walls yet and no window valance.  Must get busy with that task very soon!  Thanks so much for taking a look.  I hope you have a happy day quilting!



  1. It looks good! I like the colors you chose very soothing. What size bed is that on? I want to make one for my bed, but it is a queen. Also, did you use a circle lord template for the quilting?

    1. The bed I made this for is queen size. I made 12 blocks instead of 9. I would add a larger white border on the sides if I was to do this again. A little skimpy on the sides of the bed for me. I used the Baptist Fan pantograph for the quilting.

  2. Beautiful quilt and extra beautiful quilting. You are so awesome!!!

  3. Absolutely LOVE everything about it!! the colors, quilting, everything!! Bravo :o)

  4. I was just about to ask what you used for the quilting, but I see your reply to Ariane. Lovely quilt and perfect quilting for it.

  5. That tournedos out so beautiful!!

  6. "turned out"....those I pads think they are smarter than us humans sometimes!

  7. I love it - I'm swooning overi it!
    Making one of these is in my 100 year plan!

  8. Teresa, this is gorgeous!! Love the fabrics and the panto!